A pretty dress

This vintage cotton print was one that I picked up at the guild sale. I know it’s vintage because it was only 36″ wide.  The colors and the print look vintage as well. Luckily there were 3′ so I was correct in being able to get a full dress out of the fabric.I used this pattern once before with rayon, I actually like how the cotton holds the shape better. This time I was able to add sleeves.I like the details of the princess seams as well as the neckline insert.  Since it is a busy print, some of the details get lost. There is some pattern in the background of the fabric, which is also a very vintage style of printing.I don’t like taking pictures of my back. My scoliosis shows. My back really isn’t straight, but really, that is my own hang-up. Another thing I need to start doing is putting those back darts into the pattern because the shoulders are starting to slope with age. I added them in at the end, this time being grateful that the busy print will hide them. Construction details, most of the seams were sewn directly on my five thread serger. When sergers or overlockers were first used in the industry this is how they were used, today we mostly sew our seams and then serge and clean the edges. I had to make the inner facing out of lining fabric, simply because I ran out of the fashion fabric. That is called making it work.Nice, clean, ready to wear look!I used an invisible zipper, that has to be inserted on my regular Juki. You can also see those little darts. An interesting detail on the sleeves, a small vent. I love these kinds of details and to my mind, it is the kind of detail you’d find on vintage clothing.Very pleased with the result! The fabric cost me $2, the sewing just took one day. The High Holidays are rapidly approaching, I’m sure I’ll be wearing this to Temple very soon.Found a picture of the first version I made with rayon, I like the second version a lot better.


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      1. Thank you! I can see how the collared dress came from that pattern but the cotton vintage dress looks completely different. That’s an amazing transformation.

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