It took me 3 months to knit a sweater. I redid the button bands and collar 3 times and I’m still not that happy. The sweater is fine, I was hoping for something that fits a little better. This is the problem with sweaters, you just don’t know until you are done.It is meant to be worn like this, I don’t think I was supposed to put that top button there. But the neckline is way too big. When it’s cold there will be a massive shawl or scarf underneath.The pockets are a nice design element, the sweater itself it a little too boxy. I didn’t like the instructions. I bought the pattern from Ravelry, the designer went to great detail, but it wasn’t written like most patterns. So I plugged along and knit away.I’m down to knitting just one sweater a year. I have many left from years before. I don’t knit as much, so socks and shawls will be it for the rest of the cold season.I know I’ll get good use out of this. I usually don’t like to knit pullovers, but I’m thinking it might be time to try again.

And then there is sewing with knit fabric. Being the fabric snob that I am, no ITY or polyester for me. I went to The Fabric store and bought a merino blend. Their color choices weren’t great, I made a dress last year in the red family.This is more purple and is a different pattern, but I do like variety. The fabric is delicious, warm and very cozy. I serged most of the dress, I used my sewing machine for the keyhole opening and to install the collar. Oh, and to hem the skirt and sleeves.It’s a fun pattern, can be made into a shirt as well, which I am thinking of doing, maybe using two different colors.Yes, knits are my friends.


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