This and that in New Mexico

As you know, I love tile and mosaics, both were on display. especially like these stair risers in Santa Fe, look how the tiles create a secondary design, which really the focal point. A close up of the entrance to Old Town, mosaic using tiles, many broken tiles, others shapes that are made for this purpose. Outside a local museum, using just the broken tiles to create floor designs. None of those shapes here, the floor needs to remain flat.Incorporating animals into the architecture, an owl for me!A rabbit for Becky.One cannot be in New Mexico and not have one of these ram skulls as decoration, it’s obligatory, just like the red peppers.Speaking of red, nature is busy providing its own reds…… and orange….… and yellow.

Albuquerque was established in 1706 alongside the Rio Grande river. A freshwater source is a must when starting a community.We walked along the river path.The army corps of engineers created a more permanent channel for the river and its tributaries. They did the same in Los Angeles but concreted the whole 54 miles, well, except for the Glendale Narrows. I wish they had left the river bed natural, but at the time they were just so gung-ho about the biggest project they ever were involved with.Ducks, Canada Geese and soon Cranes will all enjoy this waterway.As do these turtles, this red-eared slider is native to this area. Although many like him have been given away at school carnivals and then released in other waterways where they become invasive pests. At least this little fellow is where he belongs.

That’s it for this trip, I had an amazing time and am looking forward to more visits in the US, there is so much to see and do.




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