Refashioning jewelry

IMG_0702I wasted no time with this bracelet.P1100047Wire wrapping and a combination of other beads I had on hand, and the bracelet is now a necklace.P1100031I first tried it on with this little shirt I whipped up the other day. A lovely soft jersey become a drop cowl shirt.  These are clearly my colors, nice to have options for both the shirt and the necklace.P1100073With the intended dress. Sure it’s busier and the necklace doesn’t stand out as much.P1100069I think the necklace and the earring work very well with this dress.. Success!


Topanga Vintage Market

Lately my posts are more about what I am seeing and doing about town. I haven’t stopped making things, not by a long shot. Some of the items have to wait to be shown – because they are gifts.

I haven’t been sitting around moping, I’ve been out and about, exploring the city and my own little corner, The Valley.P1100001Although the Topanga Vintage Market has been around for a few years, I just discovered it this weekend. It takes place on the  4th Sunday of the month in a large parking lot at Pierce college.  So parking is free, entrance fee is only $3 and yes, one has to deal with the heat in the summer. Most of the vendor sell ‘antiques’, one persons’ junk is another person treasure.

This quilt may for for sale, it has very good workmanship, it also has the ubiquitous small floral fabric that was ‘quilting cotton’ in the 70s and 80s. What is unusual is the solids, heck that almost makes it modern!P1100008More quilts and unfinished tops. Once again, that floral.  The color combination here is giving me a headache. The yellow is fine, I can see why it was combined with the floral, problem with those florals is that from a foot away all you see is muddy dots, nothing reads clearly. Anyway, I am very impressed with the design, each six cited star is cut from the solid fabric, and the triangles are inserted with a y-seam, something many quilters avoid. The resulting Hexagons are fun.  The quilter gave up though and never finished the project. I wonder if I every met her years ago when I still went to the San Fernando Valley Quilt Guild?P1100017This doll is made from Cheater cloth, she was among many toys being sold.P1100003A very scary rocking horse. Must have been in someone’s garage for years. P1090997These fellows are garden ornaments, there was a whole menagerie of upcylced animals, I had to capture the goat.P1100005Not all items are old, instead of just taking a picture, I could have use one of these parasols. Did I mention it was hot?P1100013So much to see! So many pictures to take, I found myself drawn to glass.P1100012This orange is for my friend Becky.P1100002Once upon a time, people smoked in their homes and had things called ashtrays for their cigarettes, they also used something called matches that came either in a small box or a fold-over case.  Watch some old film noir, you’ll see what I’m talking about.P1100016Blown glass lamps and  a very strange chandelier, I checked it out, I think someone took the time to paint it pink, I’d love to see it lit at night.
P1100006Also for my friend Becky, a teardrop trailer. Clearly people want to buy the trailer since that is the one item that isn’t for sale.P1100024Once upon a time these faucet handles were everywhere. though the purple has to be rare. There were two tables full, not sure what someone would use them for. Oh wait, Simon Rodia, the man who built the Watts towers used them for two purposes, as a stamp in the concrete and then as part of the mosaic itself.P1100025This sign stole my heart, Gilmore Gasoline is what built the Farmers Market, where I meet with my knitting friends every Thursday night.IMG_0702The dress and earrings are new, the bracelet is old fimo beads, I’m taking it apart and combining with other beads to make a necklace that will go perfectly with this outfit.



Knitting with beads

I like it when a girlfriend is very specific about what she wants for her birthday. In this case,   a turquoise shawl. Of course I wouldn’t make the same pattern twice – too boring. But this time, for a change, I’d also include beadsNew Vintage Lace

Interweave puts out very good magazines and books,  I was able to look a the projects On Ravlery before buying and I liked what I saw. The shawl I chose is called Purple Shawl, because it was made in purple. So I guess mine should be called: Turquoise Shawl.IMG_2376I gathered the yarn, beads and tiny crochet hook. (it is used to add the beads during knitting). This time everything is from my stash – even better!P1020333Stitch markers in place between the pattern repeats, makes lace knitting so much easier.P1020336Beads are small and unobtrusive – but they do add sparkle. I made the stitch marker using my jewelry tools and techniques, I need to make some more. This yarn is tonal, although I started with it, I didn’t have enough for the whole project, so I frogged and started over. But this is such a pretty picture, I had to include it.P1020432People tell me they are amazed at my knitting, I must be an expert. I do consider myself one, but here’s the thing. There are always mistakes and mishaps, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to knit a whole project with out some tinkling (knitting back a few stitches) or frogging (ripping out a few rows – ribbit – ribbit).

That is what is happening here. I along with all good knitters have learned – you are better off correcting your mistakes when you find them, because if you don’t, the mistake will always haunt you, even if you are the only one aware of it. In this case, it was a big mistake in the pattern, I simply was on autopilot and didn’t pay attention to the fact that the pattern had changed a few rows back.P1020520Blocking is a very important part of knitting, especially with lace. There are wonderful tools that make things easier, like these foam blocks and wires. I clearly need another set of blocks, the shawl isn’t as symmetrical as it should be. Luckily it will be fine when worn.P1020526Finished and looking very pretty against the brick wall. P1020528Even prettier on the dress form. The beads run along the center spine of the diamonds. You don’t really see them, but in reality they add some lovely sparkle.P1020530I love looking at close-ups of lace.P1020531The shape is such that this sits well on the shoulders and doesn’t slip off.P1020532Another option is to use a shawl pin.

That’s it, done. The birthday is still months off, I like to be well prepared. This was made out of sock weight yarn. Many shawls today are designed using this yarn. It is very pretty and easier than the lighter, thinner lace weight yarns. But I’m hankering to knit a finer shawl, most of the patterns in the book use lace weight. I haven’t chosen the pattern yet, but very soon there will be another shawl on the needles – this time for me.