Quilt Stores in the southland

This past month I have visited quite a few local quilt stores. Of course Sew Modern where the LAMQG meets monthly.  P1130090I buy a lot of fabric here, usually from the sales bins or shelves. Yes, I’m still interested in woodland creatures.

Then there is Quilt Emporium in Woodland Hills.  I used to go there many years ago.P1130091I bought this fabric about 18 years ago, just as before I went on my quilting hiatus. This and a few other Arts and Crafts inspired fabrics. I was going to make a quilt, so I bought about 3 yards, I used up the other fabric long ago, this one has lasted a long time.PicMonkey CollageLast year I made this bag for a friend from the fabric.P1090839This summer I ‘rediscovered’ the shop, new owner, but still a great place to find more traditional fabric as well as Civil War reproductions.  I made this hat and our new ValleyMQG had it’s first meeting here. We are too big to meet in the store, so we had to move out.

Then there is Candy’s Quiltworks, despite not having a web presence this store is doing very well. They have the largest batik selection anywhere.  They also have a very impressive  selection of fabric by theme, which is very helpful to me, since my son informed me that the newest grandson will have a space themed room.P1130082

I found all of these at Candy’s, other stores simply aren’t carrying any space themed fabric.  I should have started here! The two fabrics in the upper right corner are from the sale section and yes, I have a fabric addiction.

While visiting my friend in Orange County we stopped into Flying Geese Fabric in Tustin. P1130085What can I say, lately I’m drawn to the reproduction fabrics, maybe because my instagram feed is is inundated with all the new modern lines, my eye wants something different.

And finally, I was in Torrance and visited the amazing Momen+ fabric store, with many Japanese fabric. Yeah, you could say I went overboard.  I’m taking a class at Road to California, so I bought some lovely fabric.P1130083I will need to add from my stash, which is great, since I don’t like a quilt to only represent one style of fabric.

P1130084And then I bought fabric for garments. The red will become a summer shirt and I couldn’t resist the rayon Crepe. This fabric is soooo hard to find anywhere. The Jobbers never sell it to the downtown stores since the small manufactures grab it instantly!  Lucky for me I like this print, so this too will become a summer dress.

I really need to get up to Ventura to visit Super Buzzy.



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  1. Love your fabrics and fabric store information. Sadly, I just received notice that Flying Geese is closing after many, many years in Tustin.

    1. It’s hard to run a retail fabric or yarn store, a lot of yarn stores are closing as well. At least you still have Purl Soho, which isn’t open on weekends or Mondays (maybe it is open on Saturday. L&M is wonderful, Oh and then there is peacemakers……

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