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Wow! Just got back from 4 amazing days in Austin.  It would have been nice to see more of the city but I was so busy at Quiltcon 2015.  I actually didn’t take a lot of pictures, I was busy taking classes, seeing the quilts shopping and most importantly meeting modern quilters from all over the world.IMG_304043 members of the LAMQG, were there, I saw most of them but not all. I went with my friend Becky. We met years ago at a political rally and bonded instantly. Since then we’ve become great friends and we share a love a quilting. So we roomed together, enjoyed some activities together and others on our own.IMG_3030One of the quilts at the show, love the colors! As I mentioned, didn’t take a lot of pictures, it certainly was sensory overload.IMG_3017Prepping for the class Paperless paper piecing. Turns out I was sitting across from Mary, I follow her on instagram – but we only figured that out later. One of the best things about this show was how much people wanted to meet one another – usually because we follow each other on social media – so actually meeting the person is so much fun.P1070386This goody bag was full to the gills with great stuff, charm packs, magazines, tools, can’t wait to start using them. A week before the show people started posting that they’d be trading button, I was late to the game (next year I’ll plan ahead). Even if you didn’t have a button to trade, people were thrilled to hand out theirs. It made it easier to meet people that way, not that I have any problem going up to people and talking, yeah I’m a little horse this morning.IMG_3032This is one of two quilts by Luke Haynes, a quilt artist who believes that no matter what, quilts should be used to keep you warm. He has spoken at LAMQG, he has quilts in a number of shows around town as well.IMG_3038Here he is. My SIL Yoch really wants to meet him, so the least I could do was meet him myself.IMG_3019I had the pleasure of meeting Michele Tucker, the brains behind this incredible bag – the sew together bag. Mine in the one with the hexies, two other classmates had made them as well. There were a lot of these bags at Quiltcon.

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Yes, quilters party hard, we took over a large club, open bar, talked, laughed, some people danced. No wonder I’m so tired.

The Keynote speakers were amazing women from Gee’s Bend quitters. Incredible women. Part of their talk was singing, beautiful gospel.

Becky said, what an incredible place, from Tattoos to gospel. Yes, there were many many of the quilters getting tattoos.

IMG_3043Signs for Quiltcon were hanging all over town, and yes, people came in droves to see the show.

11016822_10153124625549257_8793585847535701765_n.jpgOn Sunday, before flying home I met with two very good friends. We had never met before in real life. We belong to a small group of knitters on FB. Here are the two Sarahs, even better than our online conversations. Of course I bought yarn.

Don’t know what a Meek is, I meant to write meal, why does spellcheck never work when you need it?

More images of Austin in a future post.


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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos! It looks like a great few days were had with you and your new friends! I am so jealous that you meet Luke Haynes, he seems awesome and of course I love his quilts 🙂

    1. Next year Quiltcon will be in Pasadena CA, probably the same weekend, third weekend in February. The following year it will be in Savannah GA.

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