The Capitol, Austin

I did manage to get away from Quiltcon for about 2 hours, camera in hand.  Austin has some wonderful architecture – but that is for another post. This one is all about the Texas State Capitol building.capitol at nightThe best picture I have is thanks to my friend Becky – who is an amazing photographer.  I’m sorry to say I almost got her killed, since to get this image she had to be in the middle of the street, she did set up the camera before hand and walk signs last about 20 seconds in Austin, so all is good, she is fine and I have this incredible image of one of the most beautiful state capitols at night.P1070329A closer look in day light.

One thing about my photography. It has changed and improved a lot since I started this blog one year ago.  I love architecture and I find that what I want to share is not the standard postcard images of famous buildings, I’m looking for the overlooked, or unseen.P1070331Like looking up at this incredible dome and seeing the wonderful lone star of Texas.P1070336Or looking down and seeing people standing on the same star as they  point out the dome.P1070333I know, you need to squint, but in these original chandeliers there is not only the lone star but also, the light bulbs spell Texas.P1070334All the hinges on all the doors look like this. Bold and proud.P1070330LOVE the hardware! Star is prominently displayed.  It is very clear to see which push plate gets used often (the shiny one( as well as how warn out the door nob is getting. P1070343These bannisters are gorgeous, even if they lack the lone star.

I tagged along on a few different tours, I simply didn’t have the 30 minutes for a whole tour.  One of the guides was talking about the Alamo and Texas independence.  I can listen for hours to Texans talking about Texas pride, it spills over to pride of the USA – it just makes me happy.  She mentioned the Alamo memorial outside, of course I had to pay special attention to that.P1070346This is what I’m talking about ‘God and Texas victory or death’.PicMonkey CollageAnother very important memorial to the Civil war. I know I live in California, we think we were allied with the North, although in actuality in the 1860’s the small settlement in Los Angeles sided with the south.  I know that many in the south talk about the war as ‘the war of Northern Aggression’.  Either way, it was a war that could have completely torn the fragile union apart. Over 650,000 soldiers died, more than any American soldiers in any war.  It did end slavery in America, it changed the course of our history in unimaginable ways.  I for one am grateful that we managed to stay one nation and I’m just as proud of those who fought and fell for the south.  So to me this memorial was more moving and touching than the one for the Alamo.

P1070350On a final note, more lone stars on the fence surrounding the capitol.



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  1. So worth risking life and limb for your shout out! In reality, the folks in TX are so friendly I felt safe in the middle of the road at night 🙂 A terrific post for a fabulous town!

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