The big clown in the Valley

One of the icons of North Hollywood is Circus liquor, or to be more exact, this:Circus LiquorThe 32 foot tall neon clown.

The liquor store has been at the corner of Burbank Blvd and Vineland Ave. for 50 years.P1090928The scary clown is both on the sides of the building as well as front and center in the parking lot.P1090921If it weren’t for the massive programatic ‘billboard’, this would simply be another corner liquor store.P1090900This being part of Los Angeles, you have to go big and outrageous.P1090926As in, double sided 32 foot neon clown – perfect to turn anyone into a coulropohbic – someone who has fear of clowns.  I need to drive by at night to get an image of him all lit up. This used to be a very sketchy neighborhood, but things are changing, nearby on a side street there are a number of small businesses, most of them related to the film industry. But I did notice Brite-Lite Neon Corp is right around the corner, a neon company that has been in business since the mid 1950s.  They have some pretty impressive clients now, they also have a picture of this clown, but no where can I find any information about who actually built this.P1090918Just for size comparison, notice the keg.P1090920The back side of the store, that faces an alley has a very interesting mural. I was a few months  late, any earlier I would have seen the artist  Kiptoe  painting this.  At least he has video showing him at work – fascinating.

Explore your neighborhoods!  Some people feel that have to travel far and wide to see interesting things, not so, so much is happening right in your own backyard. It may be very different from what is happening in mine, but is worth paying attention to.