Quilt Top Finished!!!

Shira and quiltI’ve been measuring the quilt on Joel’s quilt.  As you can see here, just a few more rows to go and what a lovely model.IMG_2832The final stretch!P1050233The mess on the floor. The Michael Levine bag is slowly getting filled with the scraps and the discarded paper. Clearly I’m rather messy.P1050255Here is what’s left, some templates, cut hexies and even a few that are basted and ready to go.P1050262They rattle around the box – good sign, I don’t have too many left over, otherwise I’d be tempted to add a few more rows.P1050242Ok, even I’m impressed. While working one hexie at a time, it’s hard to see the big picture and I must say, I really like the color blocking result.P1050246I did the math, about 1800 hexies, yes I am certifiably crazy.P1050251Enjoy the back, because soon it will be locked up in the quilt sandwich. I proudly showed it off at the LA Modern Quilt guilt, the program just happened to be about EPP.  Yes, it is always nice getting the positive reactions from my peers.



Apparently Halloween in the most celebrated holiday in the US today. Which means there are countless ways that people celebrate. I was present at two events, it’s hard to say I participated, since I didn’t dress up.

First was our annual Halloween party at West Hollywood Stitch and Bitch. We are a very creative bunch and it shows in the costumes, this year the theme was TV shows.P1050135Natalie rocked Flo! Complete with Kiss my Grits on her pad. The pie was one you’d never find in a greasy diner,  it was made from a fresh pumpkin by Suzette.P1050143Who really rocked Velma from Scooby-Doo.P1050153Ellen did a great job as the Log Lady from Twin Peaks.  Of course she made the log. The sweater is one she made a while ago, updated with the trees specifically for the costume.

P1050137Bridget, Brenda and Denise were all on the S.S. Minnow, come on, there had to be someone building tents and entertaining the crew at night on the Island.P1050138Jenna was a Cabbage Patch doll, with an authentic doll from her own childhood.P1050148Richard, Sarah, Vivian and Simon were all characters from Clash of the Titans!

I should have taken a picture of all the wonderful food people brought to eat. This is one group that knows how to party.

Then on Halloween night it was out Trick or Treating with the grandkids. They live in the perfect neighborhood for that, flat streets, small houses side by side so there is a lot of action.IMG_4222Of course Aytan was Spiderman, the mask lasted maybe 2 minutes – enough to get the picture.IMG_4226Shira was Princess Sophia, complete with doll, she managed to take her all over with her purple bucket and never lose her. She has had the dress for a year now, wears it all the time, but I guess when you add in purple boots with butterflies – it all becomes a magic costume.IMG_4229The haul, yup, they came home with A LOT of candy.  What a wonderful tradition, running around, knocking on doors and meeting neighbors one rarely see in our busy lives.  What’s not to love about having candy in the mix as well!


Pink Tunic

PInk tunic2This rayon knit fabric was sitting next to the cutting table at Mood, I had to buy it. I also made the skirt out of some knit from Michael Levine’s loft, it’s fine as a simple knit skirt, but no need to close up photos.Pink tunic6I like how the back seam dips down.Pink tunic6It’s a very busy print, therefore it needed a simply patternPink tunic5Love how it twirls.Pink tunic4


In praise of small exhibits

This post will be a little unusual since I don’t have many pictures. Yesterday I went to the exhibit Hollywood Costumes at the old May Company. I think I’ve mentioned before that when LACMA owned the building they erased any mention of the May Company – we were to call it LACMA west, I’m glad to see historic accuracy returning, although soon it will be known as Academy Museum.P1040990P1040991

While they are raising the money for this project, they have put on this exhibit, of course photography was forbidden, hence – not many photos.P1040992

I recommend going to your search engine of choice and looking at images, it is quite a production.  So much so, that I had sensory overload. First of all, the exhibit is completely in the dark – because everything except the costumes are all Audio-Visual media – of every kind, labels, stills, movie clips, interviews – a cacophony of light and sound.  In one area they had small screens with the faces of the actors  right where they should be in the costumes.

So how easy was it to view the costumes themselves?  It wasn’t. Sure, the costumes are an important part of the movie – but even in this exhibit – they weren’t the star.  I would recommend this show, it is very well done and it is fun, but like all of Hollywood, it’s the production, it’s the glamour, it’s hiding the product under a very glitzy package.

Which brings me to FIDM,  This Fashion and design school has a wonderful little museum, open to the public free of charge.  Go and lose yourself in this website for a while: Annual Art of the Motion Picture Costume Design. And if you are in LA from mid February to late April, go see the exhibit in person. No photos allowed, but you can get up very close and personal with the garments.  I was there 22 years ago for the first exhibit and have seen most of them since then,  it is incredible to see how the making of the costumes has improved over time. More money, higher definition film, means that one can no longer ‘cheat’ by using puff paint and plastic gems.

I always enjoy seeing the small details, that we probably never notice on screen, but are there non the less.

For glitz and glamour – go to the May Company, for real workmanship and a closer look – go to FIDM.


Local hike

One thing I love about living in Los Angeles is how easy it is to go on a hike at the spur of the moment. We are a large metropolis with a very impressive mountain range right in the middle of the city. The Santa Monica mountains should be the border between Los Angeles and communities in the San Fernando Valley on the other side.  Due to the massive  Los Angeles Aqueduct project in the early 20th century – The Valley as it’s known became part of the city of Los Angeles. Something to do with Federal dollars and who could use the water. But that is a story for another day.  So although I live in the valley, I am very much a resident and tax payer in the city of Los Angeles.P10401532 miles from my house is Fryman Canyon, most days this 2.5 mile hike is teaming with people and dogs. For some reason on Sunday afternoon there were very few people here.  Although we did manage to bump into people we know. The initial climb is pretty steep, which makes the hike feel more like exercise than just a neighborhood stroll.P1040154Wilderness, with a radio tower in the distance and few houses on the hillside. Except very busy Laurel Canyon Blvd is right down there bellow us.P1040155That Russian looking building is on busy Ventura Blvd, our house not far behind it.  Distance makes everything look more peaceful. Not to mention how many trees there are!  Is the Valley really that green?P1040157We’ve climbed higher, now I am looking east towards Burbank and the San Gabriel mountains in the background. It is very hazy and smoggy, summer brings out the worst of the smog, although to be fare – the air quality in LA is so much better than it was 30 years ago.  P1040160It always helps to look back where you have come from.  Another fellow walker is back down on the part of the road we were just on five minutes ago.P1040161This time looking west towards Sherman Oaks and Encino. The office buildings indicate Ventura Blvd heading west. Still very hazy, to get a clear view I need to come back on a crisp winter day.P1040162After we crested the mountain and started back down the other side we come across the back entrance to Tree People, a non profit group that has been supplying trees all over the city – making LA a greener friendlier place.P1040163Down the other side, we are walking along quiet residential streets with large homes on very large lots. I had to stop for this yellow double hibiscus. It’s a little late in the season for these blooms, maybe because it is a shady protected canyon the bush is still flowering. P1040164The rainbow in the sprinkler was more impressive in reality, but I snapped a picture anyway.P1040165A cow in the city.  I have a friend who would love one of these. And that’s it, one hour, good exercise and happy it is so close to home.


Book Recommendation

I’m seeing a lot of blog hops recommending wonderful crafty books. I’d like to do something a little different and recommend  an advice book, or should I say – helpful hints.ebookja2revA (1) FINAL

Auntie Jodi’s Helpful Hints

Jodi is a dear friend of mine, I’m not going to gush and tell you about this amazing book ‘I’ve discovered’.

As someone who prides herself on being very creative with the work of my hands, I am in awe of people who have a way with words.  This little gem of a book is perfect example.   Miss Manners is stale and old fashioned,  Dear Prudence is just too edgy and hip.

Auntie Jodi gets it right, yes you will be laughing at many of the situations she describes, but pay attention,  good advice is being offered.  Humor is the best tool for learning.

Here are just two examples,  now go get the book!

If an over-solicitous kumbaya type shares that you seem “angry,” simply laugh and tell the poor soul “it’s called ‘having an opinion.’

Don’t be one of those who proclaim that “I’m not into funerals.” Few really are, unless you are a member of the walking dead. That, darling, is not what funerals are about. We go to funerals for all sorts of reasons: because we loved someone or because they meant something to us, or, as they say, “to pay our respects.” Remember—if you cannot grant respect, you certainly won’t command it.