Club Med, Cancun

I didn’t bring my nice camera and I have no regrets. Basically I was taking snapshots, not in depth photography.

There was local fauna – the iguanas were all over the place.

Enjoying the sun in the morning and shade mid day. My son and DIL saw a crocodile in the lagoon. It was at night, no, they didn’t get a picture.

A dead crab on the rocks. Oh, we did go to Xcaret, I didn’t bring my phone, so no pictures. Had an amazing time in the underground river. They now have a very nice aquarium as well as a shark show. It was fun seeing other people pay to pet a shark, something you’d never see in the states. But no pictures, just memories.

Two ladies showed up daily with their Harris Hawks, to scare off the bird. While they were there the birds fled – to return as soon as they left. One of the hawks had a mishap with the ceiling fan. He learned very quickly to avoid that!

Cam found this fan coral in the water at the beach. When it broke off it took some of the regular coral with it. He didn’t break this, we were not on the reef.

Artistic view of resort through the coral. We later saw many other pieces of fan coral, but not as impressive as this. Left it there, someone else may have taken it, I wasn’t going to bring it home.

The shoreline is very rocky. They have worked hard to scrape the rocks and put down sand, but here on the spit, it is natural.

A blow hole bubbling up.

More of the same blowhole.

It was so humid!! Not used to that humidity! but it does make for very green lush surroundings.

These flowers would last maybe two days, new ones were always growing.

Flowers of the tropics.


Away on vacation

Yup, I was offline for a week, actually flew to Mexico on vacation with one son and his family.

Airports are packed again, service isn’t great, its’ like they are doing us a favor. Oh well, customer service has been on the decline everywhere. But the flight went without a hitch.

Yes, we all wore our masks. The crew really enjoyed telling people to adjust their masks. They won’t give up this control anytime soon, even though the hepa filters on airplanes are doing an amazing job.

Arriving in Cancun, my son immediately turned his long pants into shorts. I got rid of those type of pants years ago. He still have a pair.

As soon as we got to Club Med, Westley started making friends.

The view the next morning. A little slice of paradise.

Westley going up the trapeze.

Ready to go!

… and he’s off. He didn’t do this daily, but did get better by weeks end. Cam did it twice, but I didn’t get the picture.

He enjoyed the trampoline.

Two very happy boys. Club Med really does an amazing job for families. We have been to Ixtapa and now Cancun. Very fun times.


Cross stitch and fire engines

Working away, I am doing a one thread project. Each day I work with one thread, when it runs out, I move on, until the next day. Although, we are going on vacation, and I think I’ll be bringing this project with me.

I found this pattern online, it was free, not that it matter, I like it enough to have bought it.

Using a lilac colored linen and some over dyed thread.

I’m only using one (well, two, cuz its’ double) thread a day. I am not taking a picture a day, that would be beyond boring.

This is where I am after a week and a half.

Been doing a lot of work on Tom Foolery, the advantage here is that because it is such a haphazard sampler, mistakes simply don’t matter.

I think this was the halfway point. I am doing this one over two on Weeks Dye works 36 linen. This linen is very soft, I’m not crazy about it. As in, now I won’t buy it again. I’m finding that 36 is that in between size, so I do one over two or two over two? Here I’m doing one over two, and its’ fine. funny thing, Adams right leg ended up two over two, and I actually took it out. It really didn’t look good.

62%, I am also playing around somewhat with the colors. Honestly, I think this little girl was given a box full of leftover thread, so when she ran out of one green, she’s pick up another, same is true with the pinks.

Am I loving this? No, I think I like things more regulated. Maybe that is why I loved the Quaker Sampler. I’m glad I’m making this, but as I look for more antique reproduction Sampler, I go with a more regimented one.

Big excitement this week. Our immediate next door is a rental house. The owner takes care of absolutely nothing. So these huge trees have never been trimmed. A large branch fell and ripped out the whole electric power to the house across the street. The firemen showed up right away. They are literally cutting the live wire.

Then DWP showed up quickly as well. Nice that we do get city services here. Lately it’s been feeling like all the money goes to anyone but the tax payers.

The cut live wires! Yikes

Cherry picker going up to replace the wire there is the house it is going to across the street. Unfortunately, these people are also renters with a bad landlord. Its been five days and everyday an electrician is there, the whole power structure of the home was damaged.

Next, going on vacation.


A lot of grandkids

We went to one of those large indoor play areas. the kids had a blast, even the toddler had to be where her brother and big cousins are – not in the baby area

They built up quite a house, and promptly destroyed it.

Just a few images from the play – all I can say is they had a blast and I got tired.

West loves his little cousin.

How cute the four of them are, holding hands as they walk into the restaurant.

Waiting patiently for a table.

That same afternoon we all went swimming.

Eyal got his Paw Patrol shirt, not sure now excited he is, I see that I am also reflected in the image.

Yes, she also got a dress… BTW, because of how fabric is printed, they didn’t include a bright pink, they used plenty of screen to print. So because of that, there is no Skye among the pups!

She has finally warmed up to her uncle.

Especially when he has a plate of chips!

I slept so well at night!


I tried it!

My grandson wanted to take the slack line to the park. We did, but had to wait for his dad to set it up. And btw, in the future, dad will have to set it up.

He went first, did alright.

I love this image! one one the line, the other behind on the tree. Still using the safety line, at some point he will have to practice without it.

There is a lot of wobbling going on here, I didn’t take video.

I am actually wobbling back and forth here. A year with no yoga, my core is shot and one really needs a strong core to balance.

Hey, look at me! I let go with one hand! That is huge!

Trying to walk, but really relying way too much on the safety line.


Of course, my son did best of all, one hand off.

Two off! and walking!!

Other kids came around and tried, it was fun for everyone. I hope they do it some more.


And now for the flowers

I am really enjoying my new lens, it is fixed distance, so I can’t zoom in, until I am home on my computer editing. The images are so sharp, that I am not finding this a problem. Not to say I won’t still use the original lens.

The details here. the yellow literally looks painted on!

It was fun to point out to people that this is the lowly artichoke. allowed to flower. Yup, the purple is the choke.

Loving this cone flower.

I can never get enough roses.

Or magnolia flowers on the tree.

Matilija poppy. I planted one of these? Will it ever bloom?

The humble lantana. Why does the unopen flower look like Covid to me???

Little trumpets, I’m blanking on the name and I don’t feel like looking it up.

Floral arrangements in pots, something I don’t do very well.

This dog doesn’t always carry flowers.

A super close up of one of the floral arrangements on the tables.

Some ceramic ornaments.

So yes, there were plenty details to see here. Btw, it just occurred to me that outdoor designers got to showcase some of their work in all those outdoor rooms. Also, just because I love flowers so much, doesn’t mean that people don’t simply want expanses of lawns and shrubs.


Out and about with a lot of other people

Pasadena Showcase house has been around forever, well at least 30 years. I haven’t gone every year, but its’ a fun event. See a big old house, each room done up by a different designer. Well, last year it was virtual, because the designs were in process when everything shut down. This year it was a progressive garden tour.

We met at Descanso Gardens and by we, I mean a heck of a lot of people. Got on shuttle buses, and no I never needed to wear a mask. Most people didn’t, a few die hards will be wearing them in 10 years. We drove a short way into La Canada where three houses awaited. Here I am in the driveway of one of them, looking across the great expanse of grass back to the road and of course, the San Gabriel mountains beyond.

We didn’t go inside any of the houses, it was all about the grounds and the gardens.

This gives you the idea of size, now I am on the road taking a picture back towards the house. CA is a very densely populated state, there are areas with large estates – this is one of them. Most of our Million dollar homes are on tiny lots, so these estates, although pretty far from the city – are a delight to see.

All three houses had lovely pools and two had tennis courts as well. This one had a full fledged playground. Not just one little pay structure.

Quiet path with side gate. I’ll be honest, the gardens were large, but this wasn’t a garden tour. I got pictures of lovely flowers, this house had a few fruit trees and had some tomato plants in the back, but it wasn’t about the gardens. It was the space, the ability to get people out on one day to experience some beauty while raising money for Pasadena Showcase house. They donate to all kinds of cultural causes. It was almost a magical afternoon after one and a half years of nothing.

Cameras foreshorten things. Look at the size of the man in the foreground then the people under the umbrella – the space between is large, there is a daybed creek in-between.

this is between the entrance gate and the house. And behind the house there is much more.

Yup, down there is a tennis court.

Also, in front, this large expanse of lawn.

Of course there was a large swimming pool, I just got a picture of one of the many ponds or pools running off from the area of the swimming pool.

There you go, a corner of the pool with the first of the fountains and smaller pools.

Outdoor rooms galore!

I think there were a few others, this property was massive!

Third house, large like the others. Their tennis court became the vendor area – lovely stuff, plenty of people were shopping.

Here we were allowed to peak into the doll-house. Outside here.

I guess this is a replica of the breakfast room. I think this is original to the house, although, it might be a lucky designer who got to actually design a room this year.

Next I’ll be sharing flowers.


Getting granddaughter ready for nursery school

She needs a sleeping bag and pillow case. Not going to buy one of those TV character ones made in China

Went and bought fabric. I had made the bear for her big brother, so she gets the cat. All pinks and purples!

Not the best of pictures, but you can clearly see this is a bag!

Haven’t given it to her yet, so I took pictures with the doll that looks like her.

you can see that the pillow is made from the backing fabric. I bought that off the sale rack, and that was the only one that had enough for the pillowcase. Quilting fabrics aren’t cheap! Of course there is a lot of fabric here.

The folded sleeping bag. Some fabrics I bought specially, others are from my stash.

Then I went ahead and made her a dress from leftover fabric. I had made the older granddaughter a dress out of this fabric last year, I bet its’ already too small so I don’t think they will be ‘twins’.

It is not my finest most accurate work, but if she wears it a few times, we’re good.

It is a cute print, it’s rayon, so it will breathe. I was left with a lot of very small scraps.

Lettuce edge using the serger. Not great, but like everything else. One needs to practice, I didn’t. Its’ fine.


From the garden

I got a new lens for my camera and I’m learning, I’m learning.

The tomatoes are growing, I don’t have a bumper crop. I hope to, I went and bought food for tomatoes. I water them regularly. I’m hoping. Anyway, the grape tomato is just from the hardware store. The Heritage tomato is From Tapia Bros. I gave my son the grape and the grandkids ate the other one, I hope to have more soon so I can eat them myself.

Here we go, a tomato and basil from the garden.

My grandson has been wanting to pick the few carrots I have, this may be too early, but we picked these and they were tasty.

It is amazing what a macro lens can see that my naked eye can’t. This is a very close up of a bottle Brush.

A close up of a hibiscus.

Here is another close up. The colors are too blue – it’s a camera

I just downloaded a plant identification app. So I took a picture and found out that this is Perez’s Sea Lavander. This is the picture I took for the app, and the colors are truer.

Funny how my camera focused on the small back flowers.

Gerbera Daisy

I’m not going to check what this is called, its grown in my garden forever.

Close up of geranium.

And roses.



I’m sorry, I’m missing my oldest granddaughter here. I’m happy to say she has been so busy with life, school and friends that I don’t have a picture. Yes, I’ve seen her, but I don’t need to snap a picture every time.

It had been a year since Aytan spent the night here, with his issues, this past year has been extremely hard. One of the many special needs kids who were thrown under the bus. A large pancake for breakfast was in order.

Something else I’ve only been able to do recently, go to the park with this one.

As in playground, we’ve walked around parks, but actually playing in the playground, with other kids!!!

Fun in the Jacuzzi, he wouldn’t look up! Why he found looking at my feet so interesting, I don’t know.

These two in a box! This is the box that the huge light fixture came in. They were very disappointed a week later to see it gone.

On Cams birthday in May, as we were leaving the beach, West was invited to try out a slack line. He liked it so much, that using leftover Christmas money he ordered one for himself. Trying it out at the park, I’d love to fine that guy for lesson.

Love how adventurous these two are.

Then I went and sewed some skirts. I’m hoping to sew some dresses soon.

Yes, this fabric is from the large stash I bought.