Spring knitting

Every year in April we have an event called: Los Angeles Yarn Crawl. It is a creative way for yarn stores to get more business on one weekend. I will probably go this year because it is fun to hang out with friends in yarny places.

Last year I stayed home, I didn’t want to spend money on more yarn, of course I have no problem spending money on more fabric.

'free yarn'
‘free yarn’

Instead, I went out to lunch with two knitting friends, one mentioned that her stash is way too big and that I should come over and ‘shop her stash’. It was a  win-win.  I got a lot of sweater quantity yarn, and she got more space in her closet.

Meanwhile another knitting friend shared a great bit of information, with my Los Angeles public library card I can download magazines from

Zinio online magazine reader

In Knitscene Spring 2014 I found this cute sweater.

knitscenespring_600And I immediately set to work.

Knitting the back
Knitting the back

I’m a monogamous knitter, one project at a time. Of course I am not a monogamous crafter, what with sewing, quilting and other things that catch my fancy.

Front of cardigan
Front of cardigan

I had to tack the collar down to the sweater, it just kept rolling up.

Back of sweater
Back of sweater
Lovely buttons
Lovely buttons

The buttons I found at the sewing/craft show in Pomona. I ‘happened’ to have the knitting with me so I knew they would work well.

Guess what I’ll be wearing tonight to my knitting group.

WeHo Stitch and Bitch at the Original Farmers market.



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