Meeting neighbors

mong the many chriticisms, I hear about Los Angeles is that it is a big impersonal city, people are too busy and too self-involved.  I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever is saying this is the guilty party – not the masses of people around us. I have always smiled at strangers,  I’ve been pleasant to people around me and guess what? I’ve found people around me to be kind and friendly.So I’m walking the neighborhood much more and expanding the distances I go. Sure these kind of garden sculptures capture my interest.The gazing ball craze has been over for years, so has this one been sitting here for years? The rusty pedestal seems to support that idea.Then I came across this house, a supurb example of 1920’s architeture in LA, part of the Storybook fad.  As I was taking this picture, the owner bounded out and we started talking. He was impressed that I guessed the age of the house, I did admit that being a guide with the LA conservancy, I am always learning new things about the city. We talked for about 20 minutes. No, we never exchanged names, I may never see him again, so what?  Friendly, casual interactions between strangers are fine just being that – friendly and short. This was the only remaining corbel with a face. Since the house is 90 years old and probably was only the carriage house of a larger home, a lot has changed. He and his wife just purchased the home, in hopes of moving up here in a few years from Orange County. This is quite a change from the tract home they live in now.  He was busy getting the place fixed up so they can rent it out. So if someone wants a cute house, on Fairway Ave, right above Ventura Blvd, go take a look.You’d think this gate is part of the same home, but no, someone else is into the ‘Gothic look’.Later on the walk I came across this fellow. No we didn’t meet in person, I couldn’t pet him, but he is real. All I could think of is the old song from my youth – How much is that Doggie in the Window?The gardens are full of flowers, I’m loving them all.I’ve never seen a gladiola like this. They only bloom for a few weeks, boy is this a great one to have in the garden!


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