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I love to cook and I’ve yet to post about it here. Way back in my youth I baked a lot, but I haven’t baked in years. Something about the accuracy of baking versus the improvisational aspect of cooking.

img_5868I have been interested in a pressure cooker for years. Despite my friends’ story about how he cooked an oversize brisket that blew up the pot, dinged the ceiling and covered the kitchen in shredded meat.

On Amazon Prime day I put down my money for this beauty. Some close friends on Facebook were buying this one as well. There is a very large group on FB, The Instant Pot Community that shares recipes and stories – mostly successes, some failures.

You might have noticed that the setting right now is for slow cook. This pot does many things, it’s not a one use utensil. Right now I am making my famous tomato and meat sauce. I tried it in the pressure cooker and it just needs that longer slow cooking time.
img_5842I have been learning all the wonderful things I can use this for. I now regularly make stock in about 40 minutes. Sometimes with bones, sometimes just with vegetables. It is very simply to then add other items on the stove top for a hearty winter soup.

p1160942I don’t like chicken breasts, but people were singing the praises of making shredded chicken breast that could then be used in other recipes. So I went ahead and tried it. Adding seasonings after it is shredded sure helps.

p1160941Serving it on top of these oven roasted veggies made for a delicious meal.


I parboiled the potatoes in the pot then finished them off in the oven. img_5848The veggies are oven roasted. The chicken was cooked in the pot and then just popped into the oven to crisp up the skin. And then there is rice, I have no problem cooking rice on the stove, yet I have discovered that if the pot is out it is so simple to use the rice cooking setting – comes out perfect every time. Thanks to my friend Susan, I use that stock I now have on hand and the rice is healthier and much more delicious.

I like a good steel cut oatmeal on a cold morning – thanks to the FB group, it is a success, I can even set the timer and have it ready when I come downstairs.  Hard boiled eggs are a dream! After a few trial and error, even a soft boiled egg is perfect. It sounds a little crazy to boil one egg in this big pot, but it takes about the same time, the same amount of water, and I’m not wondering is it too watery? Is it over boiled?

So yes, I’m a convert and I’m telling anyone who loves to cook to go out and get this wonder pot.

I also love going with friends to hole in the wall ethnic restaurants.img_5852Like this one in Korea Town that only cooks duck.img_5853With all the interesting side condiments.

img_5854Yummy! After all the meat is cooked, they fry rice and the leftover vegetables in the remaining fat. You know that these days nutrisionists are saying cut the carbs, but eating natural fats is good. It works for me, my blood test results are very healthy.

Cooking and eating are simply creative ways of both expressing oneself and enjoying life.


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