People watching in LA

Last night on a whim, we hopped on the subway and went downtown. We were heading to LA Live.  On the way I was able to show Joel the hidden treasure that is Hotel Figueroa.  Yes he was suitably impressed.pool at Hotel Fig at night

There was a Clipper game last night, it was fun watching the people stream into the Staple Center.

As for LA Live, meh, we ate at one of the many large, similar, not so great food – restaurants. At least it was a balmy night, we sat outside  and enjoyed more people watching. It was a fun evening but we don’t see ourselves hanging out at LA Live much, there are better options downtown.

I love this image
P1020224Love how well dressed they are,  she is holding his coat and he is holding a paper bag. Probably their leftovers from dinner.  I enjoy speculating

about the people I see, trying to invent some fancy story.neon downtownSetting the scene,  I love signs, I love the juxtaposition of the shapes, the words, even the clouds and the lacy leaves of the trees.  Beauty and good composition can be found anywhere.


2 thoughts on “People watching in LA”

  1. That is where my husband and I always go. We are huge Clippers fans, so LA Live is our hang out. We always stay at the Luxe, which we love, but last time it was booked and we had to stay at Hotel Figueroa. Oh man… The lobby and pool area are beautiful, but the rooms are a nightmare! Let’s just say that there was chicken wire over the windows… I will show you photos when I see you.

    1. Yes, the Luxe is a wonderful hotel. Someone had told me that they renovated the rooms the the Figueroa, I guess not. Of course the more interesting part of downtown is to the east and north of Staples. I can see that we will have a blast in June.

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