Baby blanket

As soon as we heard about becoming grandparents again – I had to start making baby items. Although I don’t like knitting blankets,  it’s different when it’s my own grandchild. We found out the same day they did – they told us immediately. So of course not knowing the sex of the baby it just had to be bright and colorful

Princess Squares blanketI have subscribed or bought many knitting  magazines over the years. Not being a hoarder, every so often I will go through and tear out the patterns I like and throw the rest away. This is one of those tear outs,  it didn’t have the instructions, I must have neglected to tear those out. lucky for  me, everything can be found on Ravelry these days.  Princess Square Blanket.  No instructions there either, but  this is a  modular square, a quick search on you-tube and I was reminded how to make these. Seeing other people’s finished projects on Ravelry gave me the confidence to just go ahead and make this.Knit Picks BravaKnitters know that Knit Picks is a great source of inexpensive yarn. Sometimes you get what you pay for. In this case, I want acrylic – a blanket that can be thrown in the washer/dryer and will be fine. So Knit Picks Brava it is. Also, they have a big selection of colors.Knitting the blanketI could have chosen different colors, but I figured these would work well for either a boy or a girl. icord bindingThe original pattern called for picking up all the stitches and making a 1″ border in garter stitch. That is way too much work.  Back to You Tube for reminders on making the  I cord edging. Finished Princess Square BlanketThe original blanket  was 8×8 squares, as you can see, I made a rectangle. Not sure why I made the rows 9 blocks long, but I did. and after a while, I was getting tired of the repetitive knitting. Have I mentioned I don’t like knitting blankets?Princess Squares blanket finished.Time to get creative with photography, it sure makes the blanket prettier.With Vera BearVera Bear is mine, I made her for me, she lives at my house. Grandson will get a different bear, but she sure does look cute on the blanket.

Of course I have many other baby projects to get to now.




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