My Meyer Lemon Tree is finally producing a lot of fruit.P1120797

A friend recommended that I make Limoncello, she even sent me the recipe.P1120796So I picked the lemons.

P1120802Bought some American Handmade Vodka. Not sure how one ‘hand makes’ vodka. Is it like moonshine?

P1120803Peeled the lemons very thinly.

P1120805Put them in mason jars, the recipe said, steep for 4 days.

P1120858Turns out it all fit in one jar.

P1120862Then I made a simple syrup, sugar and water, I cut down on the sugar just a little. Combined the two and voila – Limoncello. I also refilled the vodka bottle, but this is a prettier picture. I love how yellow it is. So not only did the peels infuse the vodka with a wonderful strong lemony taste, it gives it a bright yellow color.

P1120903YUM!  Success, and since I have so many lemons, I will probably make more to give as gifts. The leftover fruit will become marmalade, nothing wasted here.  LeChaim!



5 thoughts on “Limoncello”

  1. What a good idea. My lemon tree is loaded. I usually juice them and freeze the juice for making lemonaid in the summer, but I think I’ll try your recipe.

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