Color at the Vintage Fair

I went back to the Topanga Vintage Market.  One persons’ junk is another’s treasure. This time it was all about capturing color on camera.P1110972Why is most old crochet done in acrylic??? Oh that’s right, back in the 70s that is what was available. Thankfully today many crocheters are using the same wonderful wool yarns that knitters do – and the results are obvious. At least I can say how much I love the colors here.P1110968I never understood the wire beaded flower craze.  My grandmother had some of these in a vase. No she didn’t make them herself, maybe nostalgia will prompt someone to buy these.P1110978I’m sure someone will wear this, to me, it was just the explosion of blues that caught my eye.P1110969Ah, crewel embroidery. Not a bad job, but once again, modern embroiderers have finessed the art. There is something very clunky about this.P1110970This I would wear! P1110975Some things shine and sparkle and reflect color, even if they have no color of their own.P1110973Now that I look at this picture, I’m really noticing how lovely this silver spoon is. I’m glad I have the picture, not the actual item – to much work to keep shiny. Even on the sale table the tarnish shows.


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