Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers


The wedding is fast approaching.  My son Yishai is in charge of the ceremony and all religious aspects. His fiance Yochanan is in charge of colors, decorations and everything else. The colors he chose are: black, white, grey and green. Gotta honor the Irish side, not just the Jewish one.

His two adoptive dads have an amazing succulent garden, somehow they had to be used in the centerpieces. So we came up with the idea of planting succulents in large pots (happening now, so they will be well established by May). Meanwhile, I found the instructions for these wonderful fabric roses on Pinterest, (yay Pinterest). And we got to work.                       P1010643
The pots are earth tone. The succulents will provide the green, therefor we decided that the flowers will be black and white. Yoch and I belong to the                  LA Modern Quilt Guild which meets at Sew Modern
Of course that is where we bought most of the fabric. Then divided it between the two of us and started cutting and sewing the strips for the flowers.P1010530Today eight of us gathered together to assemble the flowersAt workmaking the flowerI had to run out to JoAnn’s to get 3 more glue guns, so glad I have their coupons! Yes, there were burnt fingers, that hot glue is deadly but I know no other way to get a fast assembly line going.

Yoch and flowerYoch with a very successful finished flower – his first!flower makersHere is the whole gang of flower makers. Friends, family and funP1010649After 5 hours we had made close to 100 flowers. Here they are all bunched together in the sun for their group portrait.splash of greenAnd here they are, lined up with the obligatory green.

I’m hoping to see my friends making more of these wonderful flowers for other occasions. We are all experts now.



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    1. Wedding is next Sunday, will be posting pictures. We are hoping the guests take these home, otherwise, not sure what to do with them

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