Nichols Canyon

P1050427Another walk courtesy of the Santa Monica mountains conservancy.  Nichols canyon is one of many in the Hollywood Hills. Which means that alongside old rusting drainage pipes, one can see incredible views.P1050428A woman and her dog, looking down on Hollywood.P1050429Our trail had very few people, but this being LA, one is never completely alone.  Across the canyon we were looking over the intrepid hikers on the western side of Runyon Canyon. That is the busiest of the Hollywood hill walks. What we were seeing is the harder steeper trail, so actually a lot less people than on the eastern side.P1050438A glimpse of the Griffith Park Observatory. P1050430Downtown, one must have views of downtown.P1050425Turning to the west, Century City with the ocean gleaming in the background.  The neighborhood in the foreground is Mt. Olympus – but that is a story for another post.P1050446Looking down into Hollywood, The Capitol Record building as well as the enormous mural on the back of the Renaissance Hotel at Hollywood and Highland.joel and leahThe happy hikers. Joel always brings his walking stick, I’m starting to do the same,  although this was a short hike, there were some steep slippery parts.P1050440Patriotic agave.P1050449And the strangest thing of all. I’ve seen many of these manhole covers,  but this is the first time I’ve seen one that proudly proclaims it was made in India.  This may be from the 40s’, who  knew that we had our manhole covers brought in all the way from India.


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  1. LOVE that manhole cover. I’ve never seen one like this either! Excellent photos. Nichols Canyon is where our Cruise Director, Natalie lives. It’s lovely up there!

    1. So then I drive by her house often when I can’t abide with the traffic on Laurel. Someone else told me that our walk is the local dog walk.

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