Trogir and the blight of grafitti

Before arriving in Split, we stopped in the cute town of Trogir. Later on our trip we would stop at other cute Islands and see other walled cities, but on the coast of Dalmatia, this was a first. It used to be an island, but that narrow waterway was filled in years ago.

Clock towers, and now you know what time I was here, as seen by this clock.

City walls will have towers, one one the flag of the city of Trogir, Grad means city and on the other, the flag of Croatia.

didn’t go into this church, but was able to snap a picture of the lion, I would love to know what he is stomping on, I can’t tell, looks like some kind of dragon. Btw, I saw more of these lions and they reminded me very much of the Chinese Foo dogs – how cultures are similar!

Doorways, the first to the city, the second to a church. I’m very happy that I got people in both images, for scale and interest.

Windows, in this case, a real gothic influence.

Similar but somewhat simplified.

How about this guy, up in the window Advertising ice cream – rather gelato. Yes, plenty of gelato was eaten, to my mind it was a little too sweet – which is a good thing, if my taste buds don’t like sugar overload.

An alleyway, an image I will enjoy over and over. Because they are small, cramped old and cute.

Ancient graffiti, it might be of the Venetians arriving. I don’t remember. So if ancient graffiti tells a story, is modern graffiti good? No, no it’s not, unfortunately here in Los Angeles, after years and year of very good graffiti control – it is back with a vengeance – of course that means breakdown of law and order, and it’s disgusting, so I will now share just a tiny bit of the graffiti I saw in Croatia and I hate it.

Well this looks nice, I hear you say, what is it about? I asked at our hotel – oh that is the local soccer team, Hayduk Split – they are beloved here. After that I saw a ton of graffiti celebrating this team. Some very good, as in artistic but that doesn’t make me like it any more.

I briefly saw, from the bus window the word Ustase, which was the name of the Croatian Facists from the 1930- through the end of WWII, the guys that killed off the Jews before the Nazis arrived. I also briefly saw an image of the Stars and Bars – the Flag of the American south – that couldn’t have been positive.

Most of it looked like this,

Or this. In Zagreb, it was all over the ground floor of many buildings. I asked my son, who now goes to Munich for work at least once a year – nope not in the areas he is in. although I have to say, I love watching House Hunters International – and often I see that they can’t crop it out of the pictures throughout Europe. It’s a blight and not a good one.


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