Plitvicka Lakes and waterfalls

A wonderful national park in Croatia, complete with lakes and waterfalls. some people walk all around the lakes, others like us, hop on an electric boat to cross the lakes and see some waterfalls on the way. At the bottom lake there is walking involved.

I can’t get over how green things are here! This of course does have to do with all the rain, also it’s spring, so there is that fresh green growth.

BLUE SKIES! how wonderful is the reflection of blue on the lake.

Even from afar the waterfalls are very impressive.

As are the reflections of the limestone in the water.

If there ever was a time for video, here it is. This is the final and largest waterfall, Jasmina said she had never seen this much water here, so yay to the rain!

Most of the walkway was a boardwalk, and because the rain had just stopped, at certain points it was flooded. We did have a mishap. One guy on our tour was using his iPad as a camera, and he had put it down by the bathrooms. Our local guide immediate called back to a friend – it was found and delivered back to the group. Tour guides in Croatia really help one another out. There was also a forgotten carry on and passports in a hotel safe – all returned safely.

The small waterfalls were lovely

quite a backdrop

A group photo with most of us.


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