What an adorable seaside town. It has everything you want in an old town on the Adriatic.

A fisherman fishing in bright blue waters with a wonderful old city climbing up the hill. If you look closely you can see that there was a wall to this city and the buildings are built right into and on top of it.

You get a better look of that. As well at the church with its’ campanile on top of the hill.

Yes, it was still a little cold, but the sun is shining.

This used to be two cities, one was an island, now joined as one. Clearly under the rule of Venice. The winged lion is the giveaway, as for the Turkish guy, I forget what the guide said, but the Turks were also very present here.

We climbed up to the church and looked down at the ocean below.

Inside we have St George slaying the dragon, a lovely painted ceiling and a wonderful lamp. There was also a sarcophagus with the body of St. Euphemia that washed up years ago. So she is the saint of the city. Sort of reminds of that Los Angeles has a St. Vibiana who brought years ago from Europe. so I get it, everyone wants their own saint – even if the story doesn’t make sense – how a stone sarcophagus floated from Turkey up the Adriatic…

We have the gorgeous town with its’ narrow cobblestone walkways.

People with dogs, adorable shops.

Laundry hanging out to dry, with flowers to make it all just look so picturesque.

More arrested decay with pigeon, find the pigeon!

There is a second bay with these colorful houses!

And cafes and restaurants, we ate in one of course.

Sailboats in the harbor…

And a frame-worthy picture of one of the alleyways.

We did spend time in other coastal towns and islands – this one topped them all.


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