Mostly Ljubljana, with a little more of the Lake Bled region

We drove through the countryside to another gorgeous lake. The countryside and the villages are so picturesque!

It was about crossing this bridge to see the old church, might be the oldest in Slovenia – my information is sketchy.

How they brace an old bridge. Cars and buses drive on here, so it needed some shoring up. I wonder if I’m the only one who noticed this. I see these kind of things.

This is an original fresco outside the church, although one side does look like it’s been refurbished.

The inside is so colorful. I’m only sharing one picture.

We went to a cute old town for a traditional dinner with local song and dance. this place is known for making gingerbread hearts which are a big thing. They aren’t to be eaten, they are shared with loved ones, many are the size of a Christmas tree ornament, this bakery restaurant has been making them for hundreds of years.

Me eating dinner, first course was mushroom soup in bread – yummy. As for Creation- Slovanian food – it was ok, a little monotonous, when I got home I made roasted chicken, something they don’t serve there – it was sooo Good.

Onto Ljublianja, the capitol. Another grey day. This is a lovely little city, with amazing architecture. But now I will share other than that.

A lot of kids on a field trip. I think this guy is some important poet, please do pay attention to the pigeon on his head.

How cool is this sign!!

Just look at these tomatoes. I bought strawberries instead, easier to eat and yes, they were red all the way through as well.

I guess you can weigh your own purchases to make sure you weren’t cheated.

I notice a lot of owls here, I didn’t buy one of these, I bought a small ceramic one made in a workshop for people with special needs.

The symbol of Slovenia is a dragon. Anne, in our group bought on because she was born in year of the dragon. I told her that I am in the year of the pig – so no thanks, I won’t be buying pigs.

Next post, all about the gorgeous Art Nuveaux architecture.


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