Lake Bled, Slovenia

Oh my, is Slovenia gorgeous. It is a tiny country mostly in the Julian Alps. I just saw a small part – but amazing.

First stop, Lake Bled. Its’ one of those places that is on all the lists of amazing things to see. It really is something, so here is the church on the Island in the middle of the lake.

One has to be rowed over on special boats, no motor boats allowed here.

Arriving at the Island, and yes, the water is that aqua green, it has to do with the limestone, which is what all of this area is made of.

Climbing the stairs.

The Church tower, I know, the image is somewhat fuzzy, I could blame jet lag, or I could simply blame my own camera skills.

I climbed the Campanile, the Bell tower, I of course was interested in the weights and counter weights.

Some people rang the bells and asked for a wish. some asked for no rain, that wish wasn’t granted, but I will say that most of the days, when we had an activity the rain held off, not always.

The interior clock that tells the time for the bells to ring.

View from the Island looking towards the castle.

Back on shore, looking at that huge rock with its’ castle.

Me in the foreground, I am so grateful to have brought this warm jacket, it got much more use than all of my short sleeve shirts put together.

The castle, one thing I really love is the painted decorations on the buildings.

Just look at the shutters, even they are painted.

A peacock weather vane.

and the original medieval peacock that inspired it. The inside of the castle is a museum with many locally found objects. Among them a sword that a colleague of Yasminas’ found in the lake – this was in the days when she was a working archeologist. Didn’t make much money – which is why she is now a fabulous tour guide.

At the castle, looking down at our hotel in the background, yes, that big black building was where we stayed.


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