Spring flowers

We get most of our spring flowers in late Jan -Feb.

Azaleas don’t do as well here as they do in the east or the northwest. So when they bloom, for the very short time they do, one must enjoy!

The bushes are smaller, the flowers are only around for a week or two.

The colors are lovely.

Same is true of the camellias.

Look at this beauty!

We do have Gazanias that do very well here.

And also come in very interesting colors. Here we have a great example of nature going for the complementary colors – yellow and purple.

although the flower is just pink purple, the inner section, which actually might be the real flower is yellow orange. Works every time!

Gorgeous day, 70s’ sunshine, beautiful. Despite the fact, that yes, LA has become a third world city. Much to our dictators’ surprise – doesn’t bother him that this has happened, it bothers him that the whole world knows.


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