Knitting socks

Things have been slow and quiet. Got the omicron. Now I have natural immunity – and yet, in LA county all that matters is the number of vaccinations. Oh yes, I am vaxed. It was like having strep throat without a fever. My throat was very painful for a few days, and then slowly that went away. Joel had a lesser case. And then Joels’ birthday comes and the kids are scared to be around us – oh well.

At least, along with the rain, January brings out the flowers.

I have two Camellia bushes, both are blooming. This one has the flowers upright. The other has them hiding and pointing down.

They do make a nice floral arrangement with the roses. These roses are fine on the bush, they die quickly when brought inside. So for a day or two I have this pretty arrangement.

I mentioned Joels’ birthday. He asked for another pair of socks, I haven’t knit socks in years. So I went and bought some yarn and am knitting based on one I knit years ago, that is showing its age.

Went to my local LYS, The Altered stitch, yup, it is still the store that poops unicorns poop. A ton of hand dyed yarn, very little basics. I would have preferred a standard commercial sock yarn. They didn’t have any. So from the picture above, you can see, I bought two skeins. The light blue is Lornas Laces – it was on the de-stash table, I think they went out of business years ago. The other is a basic hand-dyed.

Andrea tried to upsell me at every turn. I get it, a small shop has to stay in business, but I wasn’t interested. btw, my friend Diane gave me some of these hand style hand dyed mini skeins, I have to figure out what to make. After the socks that is.

Some of the socks around the shop. At one point Andrea mentioned cables on socks and do I want to buy a pattern. No way to cables! And no, I will be making a basic vanilla sock – and no, I don’t need a pattern.

Andrea teaches a very good beginners sock class. As well as other classes. Not all the yarn is multi-colored – but it’s all hand dyed.

I started! Toe up, 72 stitches!

Birthday, I went to get some cupcakes. Sorry, not a great picture, but Deja Vu cupcakes makes wonderful rich cupcakes.

The decor in the shop is adorable. They only make cupcakes, and they stay in business. God bless them, a small business that is surviving under all the stupid requirements of this city.

In the evening we went to a Peruvian restaurant, only customers inside, everything else was take out. I won’t name names, but no one asked for a vax card, when you are trying to survive – being the policeman for a city and health dept that really doesn’t care about our health – isn’t a job you want to take on. Leave that for the hipsters at the bars in Silverlake.


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