2022 cross-stitch starts

I had plans for two starts on New Years day.

I decided to give a Mirabilia a try. Turns out I could’t wait till New Years day. So I started in December.

I had recently bought a new program. Markup RXP, this will be the first big project where I am using this program. The pattern is a large old chart. It is from 2010- 12 years ago. I am so spoiled, I can’t work from a large old paper chart. So thank goodness for Staples, I went there, they suggested to scan the pattern and put it on a thumb drive. What a great idea, from there it was very easy to then upload the scan into the program.

These patterns have at least 60 different colors of thread as well as some beads… Just putting the threads on thread holders took about a day.

Then it took a few days to mark each symbol with its’ color. I am learning how to do this correctly, there is a lot of trial and error. Because there is so much to mark up – I must say I am finally getting the hang of it.

Here I am starting. I already shared some of my progress.

This pattern is Lady Hera, and finally, I’ve put in some stitches on her. The centers of the flowers will be beads. Yes, I’ll be doing the beads.

I like how I fill in the worked stitches on the program and I can see my progress. Those numbers up on top are wrong. Each symbol will be represented by the color and the number of stitches – maybe there are a total of 16,000 stitches on this page, but they aren’t all in that color. The smaller number on the right lets me know how many are left. This is actually useful. Because it lets me know how much I did and if I am done with a color completely.

I had joined and FB group for markup RXP

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, I mostly silenced it – too many complainers. It’s too hard to learn, can someone come over and just do the work for them? The worst? I had posted how pleased I was to be able to transfer the paper to digital and I got a lot of complaints – My Staples or Kinkos won’t let me do that! That is not my problem, one person gave me the thumbs up – most people whined – which to be honest is exactly what I expect from most people – whining.

On New Years day, I started my MFESAL2022, made the exact same mistake I had made the year before, I cut the fabric too small! Also, I don’t particularly like the fabric. This is the problem with buying fabric online. so I’ve got this 40 count white linen, I’ll use it for something else.

It took 10 days to get in new fabric. this time, an over dye. I have started over, and I’m loving this even more than the white fabric. I’m thinking that I might tea dye that white. We shall see!


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