Good things in the new year

I have joined a ‘hiking’ group, well, walking is more like, older people out on a Tuesday morning for a walk. Most are from our Temple and the neighboring one. Some of these people I’ve known for a long time.

We had a week on rain and it shows in all the local creeks as well as the LA river bed, which is still running strong. Pity all that water just ends up in the ocean.

We had to cross the stream, I didn’t have a stick and yes, my left foot slipped in. Luckily, I like wearing wool socks while hiking, so very quickly my sock and shoe became like a wet suit and my foot didn’t get cold. Going back, I borrowed a stick.

We were in Aliso Canyon, between Granada Hills and Porter Ranch, and here we have a ranch, a real working ranch, with houses being built on all sides. I love that this woman is riding in a Roman style chariot, I don’t understand the mask, she is outside, alone, with her horse. People!

‘Believe the science’ crowd don’t want you to follow real science. Yes, Omicron is here, yes it is very contagious, but it is so much milder, they even have to admit the hospitalizations and deaths aren’t that high. I think Joel has it now, he has an cough, he isn’t getting tested and so far, I haven’t caught anything from him. But of course all schools must wait a few more days to open. The precious teachers don’t want to teach. So I had to watch these two so their dads could work. Unlike teachers – they don’t get paid for not working.

Little sister has to do everything big brother does. Not a good idea, she fell off this bridge, caught her foot. She is fine, very resilient, I told her from now on – you use the solid bridge. This was 10 am, I was already exhausted.

These two sure love each other. It is so cute! Worth being tired to be able to hang around with them being so adorable.

Sportsmans Lodge on Ventura Blvd has used some of its’ property to create an outdoor shopping area. This is where they used to have an event hall, my middle son had his Bar Mitzvah party here. The hotel is still active, but the hall is gone.

There is an Erewhorn market, which is apparently even more expensive than Whole Foods, as well as some other stores.

Things are beginning to open, its’ nice to see outdoor seating as well.

I was a little surprised to see that Crown Media, aka the Hallmark Channel hadn’t taken down the Christmas wrapping yet. The big bow is gone.

My designer Samantha has started sharing images from my house on Instagram. Here she is, relaxing during the photo shoot. She did a great job and I’m still loving the new look of the front of the house. As she shares more pictures, I’ll do the same!


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