Palm Springs

We found an Airbnb with 7 bedrooms in Palm Springs. It looks like it might have been an old motel in the 20s’-30s. It had its’ quirks, two kitchens, the better one was not next to the dinning area. But each room had its’ own bathroom, a huge pool, jacuzzi, lovely fire pit, walking distance to a park – it was a great choice.

Our son and daughter in law are partying their earnings from the other two Airbnbs and have bought a third one near the second. They are very busy fixing it up. I am so proud of their efforts and industriousness. I heard them trying to deal with a house keeper who didn’t show up, running this kind of business isn’t easy. They have taken on the challenge. Hard work pays off! The only way to achieve is to work hard. This is one of the outcomes of the pandemic, they shifted their outlook.

Another outcome, for the longest time Dictator Newsom decided that beaches and playgrounds were unhealthy – what he knows from health I don’t know, he certainly nows how to be a dictator. Anyway, the boys learned how to climb trees, and even when there is a nice playground right there.

He says these trees aren’t as good as the ones at home.

My son managed to capture a picture of most of us sitting down for dinner. we cooked all meals at homes. Unfortunately, I got a stomach bug, which traveled. I got it during the vacation, Shira got it the last night, and then Joel,Becky, Aytan, West and Cam once we got home. No it wasn’t Covid, people get sick. It ruined part of the vacation for me, and it made it hard for others at home, but we all agree – it was great being away together.

This is what the days looked like. The pool was very warm, the kids hardly ever got out. I got into the jacuzzi, no pool for me.

We walked Palm Drive which was full of people, I love that no matter what people are getting out and about. Oh, if you look closely on the left, you can see my grandson who looks tiny next to Marilyn. I know, it also has to do with camera angle and foreshortening.

Kids loving on this crazy Foo Lion, it’s supposed to be a Food dog, not a lion, when cultural appropriation goes wrong… I just noticed how Einav is totally loving the little lion cub! She loves dolls and babies, don’t tell me that being female is a choice, not part of our Dan.

This is what I missed because of the stomach bug – zoo lights at the Palm Desert Zoo. Also, Aytan saw giraffes- which are his favorite animal – it made him so happy. Cam and Shira were thrilled to see foxes – their favorite.

We went consignment hunting one day, love how someone put up this wonderful old door. I’m sure it’s not original. I only bought some framed art,

Of course it’s not about the pictures, its’ the frames! I hope that at some point my needlework will fit in these. Btw, I watched a You Tube of someone who resizes frames. LOL, not for me, I’d rather be stitching.

Mandy found a great mirror for the new Airbnb as well as old tennis rackets for the wall of the game room. Yoch found a WWII dark green pea coat. It is ‘new’ as in never used. It was made in the US, sent to the Navy towards the end of the war, and made its way back to a consignment store in Palm Springs.

More on Palm Springs and WWII in the next post.


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