American Heroes Air show

I found about about this two years ago, but it was too late to go. Last year it didn’t happen, yay for this year, we went this year, it was wonderful.

I had wanted to take all the grandsons, but that didn’t work out. It was only Aytan and his dad, which was lovely. Its’ nice to do special things with Aytan. This year it was all about helicopters.

Here is Cal Fire with one of their scooper helicopters, its’ not a big scoop, they have a pump underneath and a tank to hold the water. All the fire helicopters now are like this.

We here in SoCal have had so many years of awful fires. We’ve burned a lot out. so Northern California has been hit very hard in the last two years. These guys stayed local – just in case they were needed. Love how the emblem of CA is mirrored in the plane.

Military Black Hawk, a hospital helicopter.

Aytan enjoyed climbing up and sitting in as many of these as he could. Hard to get a smile out of him, but he was very happy.

In the cockpit

A picture with Saba. Yes, it was very hot, 90 degrees, the Santa Anas are blowing. Lets hope they don’t bring fire.

A former military Black Hawk, bought by Ventura county and painted bright yellow. Aytans favorite color!

The guys and gals manning the helicopters were delightful to talk to. It was a fun day for them, to talk to the public, and it was fun for us.

They were handing out the fire hats at most of the helicopters. Aytan is good, he sits in a chair with a seatbelt and immediately puts it on.

There was Navy…

Next to Army. They get along just fine.

KABC new helicopter was there as well.

There were booths with all kinds of first responders and law enforcement. There was a private helicopter company offering rides. We never got close enough to even ask the price. Here is Aytan on a 1962 Fire engine from the Encino Station.

A couple of beautiful old classics. As well as the Veterans Day motorcycle parade that went by up on Foothill Blvd. There had to be hundreds of them. I was too far away to get a good picture. It took a long time for them to go by. Bless them all!

Its’ on my calendar for next year, hopefully with more grandkids.


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