November in CA

Yes, we have amazing weather, and the landscape is gorgeous. Sure the taxes suck and our governing cabal is horrible, so although last year they shut off the beaches and parks – and thereby increased the number of ill exponentially – this year we are out and about.

Veterans Day, the kids are out of school. first thing when I arrived – play with play dough. Only allowed outside, and believe me that table is very dirty. Cam doesn’t care about dirt, he is enjoying the mushy creativeness.

there is something about being half a mile from the beach. my DIL created this wall almost 2 years ago and doesn’t water much. You’d think this sport cacti would be dying – even though its grafted on a strong base. Not only is it thriving – its’ got babies. Must be just enough moisture in the air.

West got a metal detector from his other grandma. Not sure the interest will last all that long, but down to the beach we went.

The two of them, looking for treasure – they found a pull-tab. Previously with their mom they found some coins, so were happy to share that with a couple of people who asked. This was Veterans Day, the beach was full!

Both sitting out and enjoying the sun. Yes, the sky really is that blue.

The brave ones are in the water, although the air was in the high 70s the water is very cold.

Seagulls are nasty. This one stole the bag of chips. The woman must not be local – because she was surprised at the audacity. I wasn’t, but couldn’t get the bag bag, just took pictures of the spoils.

Bag is open, I’m surprised this other guy is being patient.

Before long at least 6 birds were here, yup they cleaned up the chips, but we had to pick up the trash bag. Seagulls really don’t care about the environment.

The apartment building closest to the beach. Lest you think this is some rich guy – nope, these are old broken down apartments, it’s the young people who live here. Despite the media’s best efforts – people know.

An old coot lives here, in an old original beach house. I concur – my body my choice shouldn’t only be about abortion. but of course, these days, that is all it is. I also like how he is playing off the trans issue – I feel like a woman today so I am!

Life here is always interesting.


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