Trying out new areas to me in the neighborhood. And yes, I see different styles of houses.

Probably the oldest, a Spanish style home, very large, which leads me to think this was built before the neighborhood was divided into small lots. This area used to have hunting lodges for people who lived over the hill in the city.

That is the length of the lot, I think it’s more than two lot lengths.

The stucco, the Spanish tile, it is most certainly older than anything else around.

Mid Century, I’m still not a fan, but I also realize that these will disappear soon and become mcMansions.

I find the side of this house extremely boring, yup, mid-century.

It does look better from this angle. So that block wall is the garage. Honestly, I prefer the garages that are built into the mcMansions.

I know, I’ve shown this crazy painted farm house before. I love the bright colors.

English cottage style. So much better than the mid-century.

Look how inviting this side gate is. Not mad that they have left it open.

Then I came across this old Apartment building. I can’t tell you if it is Asian Style. Most of it is hidden by large trees But if the address numbers are any indication, then it is.

The exploring never ends. My daughter in law tells me that I have an eye for things that most people never see. She is right, I am very observant. Especially when I walk around with my camera.


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