Club Med, Cancun

I didn’t bring my nice camera and I have no regrets. Basically I was taking snapshots, not in depth photography.

There was local fauna – the iguanas were all over the place.

Enjoying the sun in the morning and shade mid day. My son and DIL saw a crocodile in the lagoon. It was at night, no, they didn’t get a picture.

A dead crab on the rocks. Oh, we did go to Xcaret, I didn’t bring my phone, so no pictures. Had an amazing time in the underground river. They now have a very nice aquarium as well as a shark show. It was fun seeing other people pay to pet a shark, something you’d never see in the states. But no pictures, just memories.

Two ladies showed up daily with their Harris Hawks, to scare off the bird. While they were there the birds fled – to return as soon as they left. One of the hawks had a mishap with the ceiling fan. He learned very quickly to avoid that!

Cam found this fan coral in the water at the beach. When it broke off it took some of the regular coral with it. He didn’t break this, we were not on the reef.

Artistic view of resort through the coral. We later saw many other pieces of fan coral, but not as impressive as this. Left it there, someone else may have taken it, I wasn’t going to bring it home.

The shoreline is very rocky. They have worked hard to scrape the rocks and put down sand, but here on the spit, it is natural.

A blow hole bubbling up.

More of the same blowhole.

It was so humid!! Not used to that humidity! but it does make for very green lush surroundings.

These flowers would last maybe two days, new ones were always growing.

Flowers of the tropics.


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