Away on vacation

Yup, I was offline for a week, actually flew to Mexico on vacation with one son and his family.

Airports are packed again, service isn’t great, its’ like they are doing us a favor. Oh well, customer service has been on the decline everywhere. But the flight went without a hitch.

Yes, we all wore our masks. The crew really enjoyed telling people to adjust their masks. They won’t give up this control anytime soon, even though the hepa filters on airplanes are doing an amazing job.

Arriving in Cancun, my son immediately turned his long pants into shorts. I got rid of those type of pants years ago. He still have a pair.

As soon as we got to Club Med, Westley started making friends.

The view the next morning. A little slice of paradise.

Westley going up the trapeze.

Ready to go!

… and he’s off. He didn’t do this daily, but did get better by weeks end. Cam did it twice, but I didn’t get the picture.

He enjoyed the trampoline.

Two very happy boys. Club Med really does an amazing job for families. We have been to Ixtapa and now Cancun. Very fun times.


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