And now for the flowers

I am really enjoying my new lens, it is fixed distance, so I can’t zoom in, until I am home on my computer editing. The images are so sharp, that I am not finding this a problem. Not to say I won’t still use the original lens.

The details here. the yellow literally looks painted on!

It was fun to point out to people that this is the lowly artichoke. allowed to flower. Yup, the purple is the choke.

Loving this cone flower.

I can never get enough roses.

Or magnolia flowers on the tree.

Matilija poppy. I planted one of these? Will it ever bloom?

The humble lantana. Why does the unopen flower look like Covid to me???

Little trumpets, I’m blanking on the name and I don’t feel like looking it up.

Floral arrangements in pots, something I don’t do very well.

This dog doesn’t always carry flowers.

A super close up of one of the floral arrangements on the tables.

Some ceramic ornaments.

So yes, there were plenty details to see here. Btw, it just occurred to me that outdoor designers got to showcase some of their work in all those outdoor rooms. Also, just because I love flowers so much, doesn’t mean that people don’t simply want expanses of lawns and shrubs.


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