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Pasadena Showcase house has been around forever, well at least 30 years. I haven’t gone every year, but its’ a fun event. See a big old house, each room done up by a different designer. Well, last year it was virtual, because the designs were in process when everything shut down. This year it was a progressive garden tour.

We met at Descanso Gardens and by we, I mean a heck of a lot of people. Got on shuttle buses, and no I never needed to wear a mask. Most people didn’t, a few die hards will be wearing them in 10 years. We drove a short way into La Canada where three houses awaited. Here I am in the driveway of one of them, looking across the great expanse of grass back to the road and of course, the San Gabriel mountains beyond.

We didn’t go inside any of the houses, it was all about the grounds and the gardens.

This gives you the idea of size, now I am on the road taking a picture back towards the house. CA is a very densely populated state, there are areas with large estates – this is one of them. Most of our Million dollar homes are on tiny lots, so these estates, although pretty far from the city – are a delight to see.

All three houses had lovely pools and two had tennis courts as well. This one had a full fledged playground. Not just one little pay structure.

Quiet path with side gate. I’ll be honest, the gardens were large, but this wasn’t a garden tour. I got pictures of lovely flowers, this house had a few fruit trees and had some tomato plants in the back, but it wasn’t about the gardens. It was the space, the ability to get people out on one day to experience some beauty while raising money for Pasadena Showcase house. They donate to all kinds of cultural causes. It was almost a magical afternoon after one and a half years of nothing.

Cameras foreshorten things. Look at the size of the man in the foreground then the people under the umbrella – the space between is large, there is a daybed creek in-between.

this is between the entrance gate and the house. And behind the house there is much more.

Yup, down there is a tennis court.

Also, in front, this large expanse of lawn.

Of course there was a large swimming pool, I just got a picture of one of the many ponds or pools running off from the area of the swimming pool.

There you go, a corner of the pool with the first of the fountains and smaller pools.

Outdoor rooms galore!

I think there were a few others, this property was massive!

Third house, large like the others. Their tennis court became the vendor area – lovely stuff, plenty of people were shopping.

Here we were allowed to peak into the doll-house. Outside here.

I guess this is a replica of the breakfast room. I think this is original to the house, although, it might be a lucky designer who got to actually design a room this year.

Next I’ll be sharing flowers.


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