Getting granddaughter ready for nursery school

She needs a sleeping bag and pillow case. Not going to buy one of those TV character ones made in China

Went and bought fabric. I had made the bear for her big brother, so she gets the cat. All pinks and purples!

Not the best of pictures, but you can clearly see this is a bag!

Haven’t given it to her yet, so I took pictures with the doll that looks like her.

you can see that the pillow is made from the backing fabric. I bought that off the sale rack, and that was the only one that had enough for the pillowcase. Quilting fabrics aren’t cheap! Of course there is a lot of fabric here.

The folded sleeping bag. Some fabrics I bought specially, others are from my stash.

Then I went ahead and made her a dress from leftover fabric. I had made the older granddaughter a dress out of this fabric last year, I bet its’ already too small so I don’t think they will be ‘twins’.

It is not my finest most accurate work, but if she wears it a few times, we’re good.

It is a cute print, it’s rayon, so it will breathe. I was left with a lot of very small scraps.

Lettuce edge using the serger. Not great, but like everything else. One needs to practice, I didn’t. Its’ fine.


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