From the garden

I got a new lens for my camera and I’m learning, I’m learning.

The tomatoes are growing, I don’t have a bumper crop. I hope to, I went and bought food for tomatoes. I water them regularly. I’m hoping. Anyway, the grape tomato is just from the hardware store. The Heritage tomato is From Tapia Bros. I gave my son the grape and the grandkids ate the other one, I hope to have more soon so I can eat them myself.

Here we go, a tomato and basil from the garden.

My grandson has been wanting to pick the few carrots I have, this may be too early, but we picked these and they were tasty.

It is amazing what a macro lens can see that my naked eye can’t. This is a very close up of a bottle Brush.

A close up of a hibiscus.

Here is another close up. The colors are too blue – it’s a camera

I just downloaded a plant identification app. So I took a picture and found out that this is Perez’s Sea Lavander. This is the picture I took for the app, and the colors are truer.

Funny how my camera focused on the small back flowers.

Gerbera Daisy

I’m not going to check what this is called, its grown in my garden forever.

Close up of geranium.

And roses.


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