I’m sorry, I’m missing my oldest granddaughter here. I’m happy to say she has been so busy with life, school and friends that I don’t have a picture. Yes, I’ve seen her, but I don’t need to snap a picture every time.

It had been a year since Aytan spent the night here, with his issues, this past year has been extremely hard. One of the many special needs kids who were thrown under the bus. A large pancake for breakfast was in order.

Something else I’ve only been able to do recently, go to the park with this one.

As in playground, we’ve walked around parks, but actually playing in the playground, with other kids!!!

Fun in the Jacuzzi, he wouldn’t look up! Why he found looking at my feet so interesting, I don’t know.

These two in a box! This is the box that the huge light fixture came in. They were very disappointed a week later to see it gone.

On Cams birthday in May, as we were leaving the beach, West was invited to try out a slack line. He liked it so much, that using leftover Christmas money he ordered one for himself. Trying it out at the park, I’d love to fine that guy for lesson.

Love how adventurous these two are.

Then I went and sewed some skirts. I’m hoping to sew some dresses soon.

Yes, this fabric is from the large stash I bought.


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