Birthday present

Not for me, for a friend, I made some presents. You may have noticed that I have enjoyed making some project bags. Well her thing these days is knitting, that needs a roomier bag.

I downloaded the pattern from Etsy. a bucket like this is easy to make, I like it when someone gives me the measurements. Also, every so often there is a new trick to learn. I really like how this has a drawstring top.

The outer fabrics are from my stash. I used Soft and Stable to give the bag the body, so it stands on its own. The fun part was using some batik fabrics this friend gave me. Returning her fabrics in new form.

I used two different fabric, one for the lining and one for the outer area, they play very nicely together.

This is large enough for a knitting project. Not for a blanket, but my friend doesn’t knit blankets, I think this size is perfect.

I put my present project and a few tools. If you think that rotary cutter doesn’t have anything to do with knitting, you are correct. This is simply to show that this isn’t a decorative panel, it is pocket. The pattern suggested pockets inside as well. I didn’t do that.

I did this instead, I made her a smaller project bag that can hold all of the knitting tools she needs.

Fun fabric from that haul.

An inside clip for scissors.

A fun zipper pull.

Then, using more fabric she gave me, I made myself another project bag.

Soon, you will see what project goes in here. This one is for me.


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