and now, Forest Lawn memorial park

A few items that are permanent display at the museum as well as a few other incredible things I saw at the park.

A bronze bust of Mark Twain.

Compare to a stone head from Easter Island. Very different cultures, very different times. And yet we see that humans have this need to create art.

A close up of a marble sculpture. The sculpture itself wasn’t all that interesting, what I found interesting was how the rough marble is still in place. Seeing the contrast of the smooth worked figure coming out of the rough marble is what interests me here.

I walked outside and came across some more marble. It was a gorgeous day! These kind of clouds in May in Los Angeles are very rare. I try and pay attention to my surroundings, enjoy what nature and man has to offer.

While walking outside, I met the director of the museums here at Forest Lawn, we had a lovely chat, about the clouds, about the Judson exhibit, about what is coming next, about the Park in general. I just love talking to people. I know he appreciated someone who comes specifically to see his work.

I sat on this bench you see in the reflection, but just look at that reflection! Maybe because it is a reflection and is framed so well, it actually was more impressive than just turning around and looking at the view. I think this is one of the things that good art does. It is the framing and presenting of reality in a different way from reality itself.

Of course they created a small replica of a Gothic Cathedral. A rose window. I was going to crop out the more modern light, but I didn’t. I like them together.

I then aimed my camera up at the wonderful spines of the gothic ceiling. Even on a smaller scale, this is so impressive.

And then I wandered into the hall of Resurrection. I had heard of this, I didn’t realize how beyond huge this is. They usually have an audio visual show going along side this monumental painting. Probably pointing out the different aspects of what is happening here. I was glad to be in the room alone in silence. Well, turns out there were others there, but still it was silent.

Another point of view, just so you can see how huge this hall is.

This is a cemetery. Yes, they rightfully call it a memorial park, and it is beyond beautiful, serene and calm. Real people are buried here. I had to stop at this one with all the toys. Two run boys. one of them just 10 years old. He died in 2017, five years ago and yet, the family still comes and places all of these items, to them, the loss is very immediate and real.


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