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I have to start by talking about the return of open blatant Antisemitism. I don’t care what excuses people use. Attacking Jews simply because they are Jewish is antisemitism. It is that simple. Sad to say too many Jews feel we are to blame and too many Jews turn a blind eye when the Dems, their favorite chosen party are either part of the problem (the Squad) or are silent (Schumer). We had it good under president Trump and now we will be made to suffer for those four years. Am I worried, of course I am, but then my ancestors lived with this for 2000 years, why did I think that I’d be spared?

Now, on to museums. I finally went to a museum in LA, no not LACMA, their exhibits right now are political garbage, they abandoned art a long time ago. I went to the museum in Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale. What an incredible place. They have an exhibit of Judson Studio Glass, one of my favorite institutions in LA.

First a plaine-aire painting by the founder of the glass studio, William Lee Judson.

I was so thrilled to be able to see this panel myself. I have followed the whole story of the Glass installation at the Church of the Ressurecton in Leawood Kansas. So to have a chance to see one of the prototype panels is wonderful. I could get up close and personal with this. Here I am across the room.

Up close. With these panels, there is some painting on the glass, but much more so, there is the use of fused glass within the stained glass. This gives so much more depth to the images. Oh, and I really like how this is displayed with a backlight, so I can see it as it should be, light flowing through the glass.

Look at that eye! look at how fusing glass frit is what gives the depth and interest to the image. I love how an old art is getting a new infusion of technique.

Here is a close up of the work of Narcissus Qualiattta, he is the one who started the use of fusing in stained glass and today he is the director of innovation at Judson studios. Please enlarge this image so you can see the details.

After working on the 138 panels for the church, the artists in the studio needed a break. They made this in honor of Kobi, this was 2017. I happened to visit the studio and I saw this being created.

Many artists now collaborate with Judson. Moving from paint to glass. I will share more images in my next post. They were only able to get a few examples from the artists for this exhibit. I met the museum director, we had a lovely discussion about art at Forest Lawn. Have I already said what an amazing place this is?

Using the fused glass on a smaller scale. These lamps are the kind of items that would utilize fused glass, the use of it in very large panels is what Judson has innovated.

Yes, I have another post in the works about this exhibit and another about Forest Lawn. I don’t like these posts to be too long.


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