How to finish a quilt

Before I started the quilting, I read a blog post about not over quilting, if you want a nice soft cuddly quilt. We are so used to seeing magazines and IG posts of gorgeous perfect quilts. But they are meant to be used, a full size one is, maybe not wall quilts. So I had started quilting, and basically over quilting. This is the only row that has quilting on the dark colors. Not only did I not repeat that anywhere else, I didn’t bother to take out these stitches. Its’ not a mistake, it adds character.

The quilting itself took time, I worked with off white thread and stitched in the ditch, sort of. So each ‘block’ is quilted in zig-zag along the middle and along the edges. I didn’t want to run the thread across the lattice, so there were a lot of starts and stops. No I didn’t bury any threads, I sewed in place to secure the ends. I’m sure there are some tails still out there.

Here you have it, condensed zigzags and outlines of the lattice. That is harder to see because I used green thread on the back. So yeah, lets be honest this is a pretty densely quilted quilt.

I love how this came out.

I took some artistic photos.

The quilting has made this into a more three dimensional object. But everything is still nice flat and smooth. That is about to change. This is meant to be a cuddle quilt on a couch or chair. It needs to get fluffy and crinkly. I used cotton batting, as I worked on it, it was compact and smooth. Then I threw this into the washer and dryer.

You can see how much more crinkly this has become!

This might not be the best before image, because there was a lot of drag as I quilted.

Here it is out of the wash, there is a lot more crinkle. Take my word for it, it is also much fluffier, softer and cuddlier as well.

It hasn’t in any way ruined the effect of those real narrow sharp saw teeth. The bold graphics are still here.

I am very very happy with the results. Now I need to gift it to a friend who recently bought a house. A 110 year old Craftsman house, I can’t think of a more perfect quilt for him and his new home.


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