A finished sweater

There were a lot of false starts on this one, but it is now down, soft and cozy because it is knit out of baby alpaca.

First off, I hardly wear lipstick, the on off with the mask is frustrating. So for this photo shoot, I put on lipstick.

Nothing super dark or red, it feels nice just to have a full face of makeup.

Front of sweater. I must be getting old. Simple, plain, only real design element is along the raglan sleeve.

Back looking nice as well. I didn’t do the decrease or increases for the waist, it fits just fine.

A look at it flat. As I looked at the pictures, I realize that the sweater is a tad short. Not a problem, I have plenty of yarn left over, just go back, rip out the bottom ribbing and knit more. This sweater is knit from the top down, so there won’t even be any janky skipped stitch.

Here we go, I just added about one inch, that is sufficient. You can see the difference between blocked and not blocked. The blocked stitches lie flatter and ore even, it is easy to tell the section I added.

From an angle it is even more apparent. Changing angles in photography is huge. Straight on images tend not to have the depth one needs. Something I really need to remember.

The lens also matters, the first two images I shared were with my macro lens, boy did it capture detail! This image was with my regular lens, yes at a very low F-stop, but it simply doesn’t have the same capabilities, the image is blurry. And this is why, even though I used my phone often, a good camera, used well is invaluable.


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