I enjoy the calmness of cross-stitching, I’m not crazy about most of the patterns out there. I’m glad I found that book of old fashioned designs, so I decided to play.

Let embroider the roses.

As I said, it is very relaxing.

I like the technique of adding the back stitch on top, it certainly adds dimension to the work. I do love crewel embroidery as well, I guess what I enjoy so much about cross-stitch right now, is yes, I have to count, but the stitches are all the same.

What to do with these lovely roses? I’m not one to just have things lying around. I want a product. I happen to have some purse clasps so I went online to look for pattern ideas. Came up with a wallet. Now the fun part, going though my fabric and finding good matching fabric.

I had fun with the interior fabrics as well.

Here it is! Lovely!

A quick look at the tiny sews that hold this down, I did add some glue, because I just don’t trust those screws.

Back view.

Side view

With some items in it. I have to say, I really don’t need this wallet. I have a bright sturdy leather wallet. Just like I don’t need an unfinished item lying around, I don’t need a wallet. I actually have another small purse I made with the same style of clasp, it’s just sitting there.

A friend had a birthday. I don’t know that she ‘needs’ a wallet, but I do know that she loves my work. So as soon as I finished this, it was gifted to my friend. Of course she loved it, she returned the favor by giving me homemade jam.

I have one more of these clasps, I’m thinking of going through that book and making another wallet. Just because, the name of my blog isn’t accidental, no Idle hands! I always need a project going!


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