Front yard chairs

I wish I saw more people sitting on these chairs. But it is rare to see someone sitting out in their front yard looking out at the the world

The most common chair I see is the Adirondack chair. Often in plastic form. Here in a lovely front yard of a very nice house.

Also to be found in the side yard of a much more run down house.

One step down would be this table and chair.

Here we have the front porch chairs. Many of these modern Cape Cods have a front porch, once again, rarely used, but at least we must have lovely outdoor furniture.

I’m noticing that on the porch chairs or benches, there always seem to be pillows. I wonder if these get used. There is a tricycle in the yard, maybe mom sits in the chair while the kid tools around the yard.

I must be honest, I too have something of a front porch. I don’t have any chairs there, I used to have a bench under a tree. It came with the house, and the the wood all rotted away, so I got rid of it. I however do sit in my back yard as much as possible.

Ah, the swinging bench, this would be delightful! I’d bring out pillows and maybe a quilt, but not leave them out permanently.

Someone said that American flags are a sign of a Trump supporting house. I don’t know if that is true, but it may be. There are some Biden signs around, but in my neighborhood, one will never see a Trump sign. So this may be a hidden message, or not. I do have to say, it is extremely rare to see a Biden sign with an American flag…

My son lives in a more working class area, here is his neighbors car. She is a Lesbian, I’m stating that for obvious reasons – she’s not ‘supposed’ to support Trump. Except it appears that possibly 45% of LGBT people do. More power to her, I will probably be putting up and American Flag soon, but she is braver than I am.

I think this house has been abandoned for a while. The morning glory has completely taken over the yard, it is beginning to encroach on the house itself.

Something else that will be disappearing from our built landscape soon. These Dingbat apartment buildings, built in the 50s’ will soon make way for the larger type of building on either side. Often they have cool names, this one just has that very recognizable 1950s’ overhang.

Another one, what is nice about these two is they are on side streets, not on the big thoroughfares, although, they are pretty close to the corners. Ah, those colors! That and the roofline certainly scream midcentury.


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