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I have to admit that the lockdown life is getting to me. Yes, I see some people, like my knitting friends, we meet in the park. That is so lovely, being together in real life. But one of the things I loved doing was giving tours downtown. That won’t be happening for a while. I get an email about how we have to have sensitivity training about inclusion. BARRFF. I know the LA conservancy gets funding from all kinds of sources. I guess BLM is one of them, so we need to be brainwashed. I won’t do it, I have always spoken highly of people based on what they did, not the color of their skin. Although for me, to celebrate Biddy Mason, a black pioneer here in LA, was always easy to do. So that’s probably completely gone, I’m not writing the Conservancy off yet, but they may write me off.

I haven’t ventured far from home on my walks, so it’s always interesting to see new things. I love to discuss religion, especially with people from another religion, so I guess I’m not welcome here. I also don’t really like these virtue signaling signs. It’s here in the neighborhood, so I shared.

Not the same house, although the color scheme is the same.

Another thing I really, really miss is the special tours and events I used to go on. Be it Atlas Obscura, or anything else I’d find out there. I loved touring, visiting and learning new things. All of that is gone now. They are trying to have events online, but it’s not the same, it’s really not the same. Also, I can only take about an hour on zoom.

This is one of the old original beach houses in Hermosa Beach. It is being torn down. I understand progress, I understand how small dilapidated old houses will make way for something much newer and larger.

This house is very small, the window and window box are tiny, almost doll house size. So I captured the image. I just noticed the Notice of Public meeting. So I have no idea if the neighbors have a say or not. I know my son feels that progress is happening and he’s living with it.

Of course this flock of flamingoes caught my eye. Every year I manage to take pictures of goofy flamingoes in someones yard. This one is different, it’s not the homeowner that put them here, they have been flocked. At some point they are supposed to move the flock and the sign to someone else’s house.

I hope this continues. I wouldn’t mind being flocked myself, but I have a large brick wall. There is one tiny location near my driveway where someone could flock me, but I doubt anyone will. It is this kind of neighborly ingenuity that puts a very big smile on my face.


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