Bordering the quilt

I went ahead and ordered two pairs of the Applipop templates for myself. I still have Irenes’ so that is three pairs to work with. So yes, making the circles is going faster. So much so that I’m 3/4 of the way done with border no. 2

First border done.

I’m finding different ways of starting a new color vine, I don’t want to make one long bias strip. So here is one solution.

On one edge I have a lot of bias left over, that will come in handy when I fill in the corner.

First corner attached with a miter. Now to figure out how to fill this area in. One thing I immediately tried was to drop the feed dogs and free motion appliqué. Not to bad… I think I will continue this way, I can’t move the whole quilt around when appliquéing down the circles. I can hear some people out there laughing at me that I hadn’t done this earlier… well up until know, appliqué for me meant hand work.

And now, to fill in the corner.

I am very pleased, it looks good, flows nicely.

Seen from another angle.

I really like this border. I don’t like solid borders when the quilt is scrappy like this. I know, it would have been fine without a border, but I wanted one. I also don’t like using just one print as a border, it just bugs me, when fabrics are all cut up small but the border is a busy repeat. In the past I would break up the border with more piecing. this is very fun, using appliqué instead.

I still have some vine and circle to go on the second border, I just got impatient and wanted to see a completed corner. The closer I get to finishing the top, then I will have to figure out the quilting. Oy, I’m not ready for that at all!


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