Another shawl

I finished the green shawl a while ago, on to a yellow one.

Malabrigo Rio, in a lovely yellow. I’m enjoying knitting with no. 8 needles! the pattern is easy, lace along the edge and garter stitch in the middle.

At the half way point. I like how there is a nice rounded bottom to this shawl, not just a pointy triangle. I could choose any lace pattern and simply recreate the shawl.

I bought 4 skiens, only used three. Gave my friend that recommendation, since she knit the same shawl same yarn. Uh Oh, bad advice, we don’t knit the same and she ran out of yarn before the end…. oops.

Here is the shawl, before blocking.

Lace is all scrunched up. I’ve gotten lazy, I don’t like pulling out the mat and pins, although that would be the best way to block this. So I let it just sit for a week or two while I worked on my quilt as well as some other knittings. Its not like I’ll need this any time soon.

All blocked and on display on the Rock. I just pulled out the steam iron and steamed the heck out of the lace, pulling and stretching a little with my fingers, then letting it cool down completely before moving on to the next section. I only did this to the lace, no steam near the center garter stitch. I don’t want that to be stretched out. I’d say it worked well.

Some more artistic pictures. I’m wondering it I will need to blast it with more steam before I finally wear it. This lace has a tendency to curl since the edge row is all basically stockinette. We shall see. Right now it is very pretty.

I am too lazy to pull out the tripod, so selfie it is. Gives you and idea of how the shawl looks on the body, well it sort of does.

Another view, This shawl is very large, one of these days it will be cold and I’ll be grateful for the warmth and the coziness.


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