Success and failure in the garden

Carrots, beans, tomatoes and even a tiny radish. The radish was hard and horrible. The beans and tomatoes are yummy. The carrots are ok, next time, I need to prepare the soil so the carrots can grow down, instead of being stubby and pushing up. Once they turn green, they get bitter. But my grandson likes them, so that should be considered a success.

A pepper is growing.

Oh, look, the small pepper plant has a pepper ripening to yellow! I’ll have to pick it soon.

The yellow squash is growing, they still feel hard, so I think I need to wait a little longer to pick them.

I got one small stunted melon, then the plant appeared to die. So I cut off the melon, even though it seemed too small.

It certainly looks like a melon.

It didn’t taste all that great, so I threw the rest of it away. Not that there was much to discard.

The Meyer lemon tree is bursting into bloom.

Next winters’ lemons getting their start now.

They smell wonderful.

A handful of lemons have been growing in the off season. This is rare with the Meyers.

All in all, I’m impressed with my garden successes. One always has to accept some failure, not just in the garden, but in life.


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